Monday, July 18, 2011

Eddie: Oh, sweetie, sweetie... Oooh, sweetie, darling... Darling, they're gorgeous. Where did you get them, sweetie? Hmm? Was it Harvey Nichols, darling?

Saffron: Yes.

Eddie: Well, you should tell me. I can get a discount there, sweetie.

Saffron: I'm glad you like them.

Eddie: Well, darling, they're hardly the ill-judged tat you normally give me. I mean, Lacroix, darling... They are Lacroix, aren't they, darling? They're not just something you put in the box, are they, sweetie?

Saffron: Do you like them or not?

Eddie: I like them if they're Lacroix.

Saffron: Well they are.

Eddie: Oh, good. I like them, darling. 

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